Executive Summary

Executive Summary

I am thankful and excited for the many partnerships that The Shield Safety Foundation (aka) TSSFNigeria has developed over the years not only with federal and state agencies, but also with community partners. TSSF was established in 2001 and was registered as Non-Governmental Organisation in August 2015 by the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. The Shield Safety Foundation has a mission to promote the health, safety and well-being of Nigerians through prevention, protection, provision, research, education service and advocacy.

Sometimes around 2015 things began to change in Nigeria, there were widespread kidnapping, banditry and recurring cycles of deadly violence between herdsmen and farmers. The clampdown on peaceful protests, arrest and detention of activists, and media repression signified a renewed intolerance of free speech and dissent by Nigerian authorities. In 2018, TSSF convened the Community Safety Committee to develop the first local strategy for community safety and crime prevention. The primary goal of this committee was to bring individuals, agencies and organisations together in an atmosphere of support to build on existing community assets while recognising the challenges that cannot be solved in isolation.

The report represents almost 12 months of dedicated effort by the community Safety committee and offers a collective view of what is going well in Nigeria, what needs to improve and recommendation for what should be done moving forward. The committee report captures community feedback significant local data, and research on effective principles of practices in community safety and crime prevention. Based on the committee's mandate, it proposes potential roles and responsibilities for implementing the strategy in terms of actions, governance, and funding. The resulting Community Safety Strategic Report is an actionable strategic planning document that provides both a background on the community and a sound basis for implementing sustainable solutions for community safety in Nigeria. There are many views as to what prevents crime and what makes a community safe. Amongst these is the strategy of municipal policy making and implementation, including increased policing, to create a safer community in Nigeria. Our grass roots approach to change allows us to know the people, the problems and the potential of each community we serve, wherever we go, we act and feel like a local non-governmental organisation. Our staff live within community and learn all the hopes and challenges each community faces.

Together, we can create a social and physical environment that promotes the well-being and equity of our entire community. As a Foundation and with our strong Christian believes, we are committed to bringing hope to the Nation's most vulnerable families. We accept families of all faiths in our programs. We aim to make all aspect of our work both transparent and trustworthy. Our staffs and volunteers are constantly sharing the hope of brighter future through literacy programs protecting families and children in conflict zones, serving children and young children from long lasting effects of malnutrition, and providing food and essential needs to children and families. The people who partner with us are included on a journey of meaningful change for the world's poorest population.

I am proud to be part of this community, and my hope is that you are too. If we continue to share our time talent and resources, we can improve the quality of life for everyone who calls our community home.

Prince Remi Adewuyi
President & CEO
The Shield Safety Foundation

Our Board of Trustees

There are five group of individuals that has overall responsibility for the management of this organization. Our board of trustees is typically the governing body of The Shield Safety Foundation and seeks to ensure the best interest of stakeholders in all types of management decisions.

Executive Summary

In private service and business career that spans more than four decades, Prince Remi Adewuyi, a former managing director of Most High Ltd, UK has worked across ethnic lines to champion economic, development, engineering and humanitarian assistance for the most vulnerable not just within Nigeria but across western world.

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Williams is a member of the board of trustees of TSSFNigeria. A renowned Journalist with 35 years wealth of experience in Radio Station Broadcasting before joining TSSFNigeria in 2015. Mrs. Williams is currently the Vice President of this organization. She has brought her wealth of experience into TSSFNigeria to enlighten, inform, educate and campaign to the vulnerable community for a change, mentoring and presenting at conferences

Tolu Adesina is the General Secretary of the Board of Trustee of TSSFNigeria, she is an accountant and an entrepreneur. She studied Accounting at Obafemi Awolowo University and MSc in Business Information Technology from Middlesex University, United Kingdom, she has over 15 years of wealth of experience which cuts across various industries including Telecommunications, Aviation and Information Communication Technology.

Favour is a member of the Board of Trustees. She is a graduate of Health and Social Care in one of the reputable universities in the United Kingdom, with experience in healthcare services, working with children and vulnerable adults, in terms of their health and social care. She has brought her wealth of experience in safeguarding, health and safety, management and leadership to develop and manage the health of the less privileged to the advancement of this foundation.

Our Board of Directors

They define the long-term goals and the strategies for the company and the group and sets forth the principles and directives for the resulting corporate policies. It coordinates and monitors the most important activities, defines the portfolio, develops and deploys managerial staff, allocates resources and decides on the group's financial steering and reporting.

The members of the Board of Management bear joint responsibility for running the business of the foundation as a whole. However, the individual members manage the areas assigned to them on their own responsibility within the framework of the decisions made by the full Board The allocation of functions among the members of the Board of Management is defined in a written schedule

Executive Summary

Faith Wickliff, a teacher and retired school principal, before joining TSSFNigeria as an assistant executive director. While in service she set the tone of her school, build a warm environment, mentor and nurture students, became role model. She played vital roles in the lives of the students in her school and are best known for the role of educating the students that are placed in her care. She has brought her wealth of experience into TSSFNigeria as a role model with teaching knowledge, mentoring and presenting at conferences.

Engr. Ayangbade Gabriel is by training a mechanical engineer, a member of Nigerian Society of Engineer, a member of Nigerian Institute of Mechanical Engineer and also registered with COREN. He worked with the government of Oyo state for a period close to three decades, during which he held several positions of responsibilities. He was the pioneer acting permanent secretary of Oyo state Ministry of Transport, pioneer General Manager Oyo state driver institute. He has wide range of experience in different sectors of the civil service of Oyo state. He was also part of various committees, mid-wife transformation reform of transport sector in Oyo state.

Grace Afolabi, a teacher/Principal, recognized as a passionate, student-centred educator continually seeking to improve the learning and school culture. She is driven to help students overcome barriers that impact their learning. Grace is a registered member of Nigeria Teachers Registration Council. She earned a master's degree in Education. She has taught in various classroom settings. Grace has served on various school academics, improvement teams and served as a team leader. She has dedicated herself to becoming a life-long educator and learner, and she strives to instil a similar desire in all the student she works with. As an educationist and advocate, Grace has volunteers over 52 days of her time with TSSFNigeria annually, helping families with life skills that are both practical and beneficial in their daily living.

Bola Adewumi, a researcher before joining TSSFNigeria, she has worked in private, public, and voluntary sectors, and also into research and evaluation, mainly for public and voluntary sector organisations and partnerships. Her primary work is to organise events and campaigns to raise funds and other donations for TSSFNigeria.

Omo became a volunteer member of TSSFNigeria in 2018, she is a graduate of University of Ibadan and registered member of the Librarian Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN). She obtained her professional certificate as a Certified Librarian of Nigeria (CLN) in 2011. She is currently the Assistant Chief Librarian and Head of Librarian Unit at the National Museum of Unity, in Nigeria. Omo loves to work with young adults and interacts well with teenagers ensuring they overcome their fears and achieve their goals. She is currently the Director of Admin & Membership.