The Shield Safety Foundation (TSSF) is a humanitarian foundation working with urgency and in partnership with others to implement instant solutions to the crises that affects us all and our community.

Our mission statement

To relieve the suffering of people especially the less privileged and work with local, state and national governments to strengthens policies and systems so that no one dies from a preventable cause. Our work targets the less privileged communities that suffer from frequent crises and disasters that impede human development.

Our fundamental principles:

Voluntary Service

Our humanitarian response


Our values and principles

The TSSF values and guiding principles have remained consistent for People, Integrity, partnership, Diversity, Leadership,
Innovation, Accountability and Effectiveness and enable self-reliance.

PEOPLE: We build the capacities of people and communities to work in solidarity to find sustainable solutions for their most
pressing needs and vulnerabilities.

INTEGRITY: We work in accordance with our fundamental principles in a transparent and accountable manner.

PARTNERSHIP: As a national international humanitarian non-profit, we are guided by our statutes, we cooperate with government and
other organisations in line with fundamental principles, without compromising our emblems and the independence, impartiality,
and neutrality that we represent.

DIVERSITY: We respect the Diversity of the communities we work with and of our volunteers, members, and staff, based on
discrimination and our principles of impartiality, unity and universality.

LEADERSHIP: We show leadership and strive for excellence in our work drawing attention to the rights, needs and vulnerabilities of communities and the factors that underlie them.

INNOVATION: We draw inspiration from our share history and tradition, but are equally committed to finding creative, sustainable solutions to problems that threaten human well-being and dignity in a changing world.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are accountable, doing what we say we will do for our community.

EFFECTIVENESS: We are effective, getting best value from our resources.

Our mission goals

To partner with local organization through program funding.
To provide financial support for the less-privilege with medical problem
To offer Sponsors and Donors the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals and families.
To identify individuals and families in poverty who need aid and resources to live a productive life.

Our History

The Shield Safety Foundation (TSSF) was first established on the 1st May 2001, when our visionary Remi Adewuyi felt called by God to start campaigning for the prevention of injuries and deaths in Nigeria. During this this period Remi, developed an unwavering devotion to our mission. Our grassroot approach to change allows us to know the people, the problem, and the potential of each community we serve.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers live within the community and learn all the hopes and challenges each community faces, and committed to bringing hope to the Nation's most vulnerable families.

We accept families of all faith in our programs, and we aim to make all aspects of our work both transparent and trustworthy.
The people who partner with us are included on a journey of meaningful change for the world's poorest populations.

Our Community

Strengthening the resilience and capacity of communities and partners to respond to present and future challenges to child well-being, including disasters, in ways that are environmentally sustainable.

Enabling Environment

Working to ensure that systems, structures, policies and practices (at local, national, regional and global levels) support and protect the well-being of children and families especially the most vulnerable.

Our Work

We work both nationwide and international, to save lives, fight against injury and death and support the less privilege who had lost everything due to natural disaster, insecurity, road traffic accident, war and conflict and improve their health, safety and wellbeing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to save lives, and influence a sustainable reduction in the numbers of people killed or seriously injured or who suffer illness as a result of driving for work and other road related accident in all economic sectors.

Our beliefs

Everyone has a right to a decent standard of living where they are dry, warm, clean, safe and can feed themselves.

Our strategic objectives

To save lives
To raise awareness and change behavior
To target people most at risk
To reduce injuries and the impact they have
To influence planners, designers and decision makers to improve safety culture for our citizens
To improve and deliver our plans, developed with partners, to address identified risks
To use our resources in a flexible and efficient way arriving at incidents as quickly as we can.
To manage our performance and continuously improve the services we deliver.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

The Shield Safety Foundation, achieving our mission begins with how we build our team and work
together. We believe that only by bringing together a diverse range of identities, experiences and
perspectives can we tackle complex crises and create a future where everyone can prosper.

We are committed to creating a culture of belonging, where all team members are valued for who
they are and given equal opportunity to grow and succeed, with no discrimination on the basis of
their race, color, gender identity, gender expression, religion, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic
status, national or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, military veteran status or identification with any
marginalized community in the 36 state where we work. Diversity, equity and inclusion can look different
in every country, and we're committed to creating positive change at a local level within all of our teams
across the world.

TSSF is committed to taking clear, concerted steps to diversify our
nationwide team:

• We will intentionally coach and mentor diverse talent.

• We will develop inclusive position descriptions that open doors for different types of
backgrounds, experiences, and education, and that use language which welcomes a more
diverse group of candidates.

• We will ensure our nationwide teams foster equity, inclusion, and belonging and that diverse
perspectives are valued in decision-making.

• We will support the expansion of workplace groups globally to build community for
underrepresented groups and elevate their voices within the agency.

• We will create and publish an equitable and transparent compensation philosophy and
promotion guidelines.

The TSSF is committed to listening, learning and taking action. You can
request to know more about TSSFs' vision for racial and ethnic diversity for our nationwide
leadership team.

Employees training

Our employees come into contact with children, young people or vulnerable adults, they are confident in carrying out their responsibility of safeguarding, whether they're permanent member of staff or a volunteer. It is common practice now that our employees undertake safeguarding training to further help the vulnerable gain the knowledge and skills to confidently deal with safeguarding issues.

We all have a responsibility to help keep children safe. Working with children and young people means we must have safeguarding policies and procedures in place and be able to respond to child protection concerns.

Our ethics and compliance

TSSF works to the highest standards of integrity. We have a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of fraud, bribery and corruption.

Advice and guidance
The ethics office assists employees navigating complex situations where ethical decision making is key. We guide staff to describe their issue of concern, identify the rules and regulations that may apply, examine their options, and understand their potential consequence. Our aim is to empower to make their own ethical decisions, which do not harm themselves, the people we serve, or TSSF.

Standard setting and policy advocacy
Fostering a culture of ethics and accountability require frequent and consistent advocacy. The ethics office advocate for the incorporation of ethical standard into TSSF's organizational policies, practices and operations, which ultimately contributes to giving a voice to the voiceless. Protection from abuse conduct, prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, anti-fraud and anti-corruption, privacy data protection and confidentiality are just a few of the issues the ethics office provides a guidance on.

Protection against retaliation
At TSSF we are committed to providing safe and respectful work environment for all our employees. The whistle-blower protection policy is designed to give protection from retaliation to employees who wish to speak up against misconduct and wrongdoing. Retaliation means any action-recommended, threatened or taken that is meant to punish intimidate or injure the employee for engaging in a protected activity. It applies to both current and former employees. Regardless of their contract type or duration. If you believe you have been retaliated against reach out to us confidentially at

Training Education and Outreach
The first step in building and maintaining the culture of ethics is awareness. Knowledge and active internalization of values, standard and principles are essential components ensuring for compliance. To increase knowledge and skills on the integrity expected of all employees, the ethics office engages in regular training and outreach activities, as well as internal communication campaign.

Annual conflict of interest and financial disclosure program
There are times when employees may be faced with an incompatibility between their private interest, and their official duties. The annual Conflicts of Interest and Financial Disclosure Programme (CIFDP) aim to identify and address such conflicts of interest, through disclosure of assets, liabilities, investments and outside activities of certain categories of employees, it is a commitment to transparency and public confidence building.