The Shield Safety Foundation (TSSF) is a nonprofit Foundation that support less-privilege in Nigeria and improve their health, safety and well-being.

We relief suffering of people especially the less privileged and work with local, state and national government to strengthens policies and systems so that no one dies from a preventable cause.

TSSF is one of the non-profit organizations working exclusively in a delicate environment like Nigeria. Often, this country where we work, we are coping with disasters, conflict, climate change, and other protracted crises that impede development. Our years of experience has equipped our teams with the agility and expertise to provide specialized humanitarian relief and development programs nationally for people in these highly vulnerable environment.

Less-privilege are the most vulnerable as they lack access to quality healthcare, such as vaccines, medicines, nutrients food, shelter and basic needs all of which saves lives. This is especially true in conflict and emergencies, or in poor and deprived areas, where the challenges of keeping them alive is heightened.

The Problem

Tragedy occurs everyday in Nigeria and affect our communities leaving our people helpless, especially the less-privileged, and you can be part of the solution.

More than one million people have lost their lives in the last decade as a result of disaster and violence in various part of Nigeria. Every day at least 250 people die in our communities and more than 1500 are seriously injured from various activities causing unnecessary loss of life and inflicting terrible suffering.

The number of violence crimes such as kidnappings, car jackings, suicide bombing, religious killings, police brutality, politically-motivated killings, ritual killings, rape, ethnic clashes, gas explosion, thuggery, road traffic injuries, rioting, arson, flood, armed banditry and several other attacks has increasingly become the regular signature that characterises life in Nigeria since 2015 till date.

We Save Lives and Relieve Suffering

You can help us provide life-saving healthcare and supplies to children, families and communities who have lost everything due to natural disaster, war and conflict or disease

Our History


May 2, 2001


Aug. 2015



Current Member


Founder & CEO

Prince Remi Adewuyi

Exc. Director

Akintunde Gbadamosi

International Office

United Kingdom

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