Community Safety and Emergency Rapid Response

CoSERR, Community Safety and Emergency Rapid Response is one of the projects of the Shield Safety Foundation (TSSF) established to prevent trauma, deaths, violence, accident, fire, building collapse, kidnappings and other organized crime, including flooding and or other losses with simple basic aim of helping to save lives and reduce the toll of accident in our communities. It is about feeling safe whether, at home on the street or at work, it relates to quality of life and being able to pursue and obtain the fullest benefits from your domestic social and economic lives without fear or hinderance from crime and disorder.

Establishment of CoSERR is a great way for us to enhance public safety in our community

CoSERR was established in the wake of natural disasters that happens most of the time in Nigeria and to prepare members of the community to respond during emergencies. It is a National program, implemented across the state and local governments in Nigeria, its to allow citizens especially our youths to become an organized force of manpower in times of crisis. Volunteers are trained in lot of different areas, including emergency preparedness, disaster medical operations, fire suppression, and terrorism awareness. Through this program our youths can learn valuable survival skills and serve as a great resource for our first responders including police officers and firefighters.

CoSERR can be very useful in all kinds of emergencies

They will be utilized to search for lost and to assist medical staff, for crowd control and a number of other actions. Given the number of problems that stemmed from building collapse, and fire outbreak it is necessary to have members of the community that are trained to respond in times of crisis. CoSERR is one of the best ways to do that. I urge our communities, government at all levels and international organization to please support this model resolution and help our community take the necessary step towards enhancing our public safety and emergency response. For further information about this project in your community, please request for a copy of CoSERR Brochure by calling: 0703 379 1486 or email us at:

For further information about how to setup a coserr in your community please fill this form below and one of our team members will contact you.

Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much

COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 is a global public health crisis. We manage to counter the spread of Covid-19 through awareness raising, encouraging solidarity within community groups, accountability and transparency. As part of this initiative. We collaborate to respond to the coronavirus outbreak through online meetings and learning mechanism, by addressing issues of gender violence, emotional and psychological counselling and countering misinformation with full financial support, donation of food and medical supplies.

COVID-19 Appeal

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) could be deadly for families in Nigeria where healthcare system are already weak, without food supplies due to disaster and conflict.

Together, we can protect the health of the vulnerable communities and save lives before it's too late

With your donation to The Shield Safety Foundation today, you could help provide food, clean water and nutrition and emergency supplies to the most vulnerable families...