Volunteers are our heartbeat

We want to thank our volunteers for your amazing generosity and dedication, your help was so important to our project. Your team makes our project work. We'll never forget your hard work, your patience, your time and expertise. All your volunteer work is greatly appreciated.

Join our local group

Volunteer in your local community
The volunteering experience is a fantastic way to fully experience a new culture and to work directly with local people
to create positive solutions and outcomes.

Volunteer in schools and colleges
TSSF offers everyone to come and join us in our project delivery as we can make it open for any project in any place or country.

Become a TSSF Representatives
Everyone who joins TSSF project is making a valuable contribution in becoming an active global citizen, committed to making
a positive impact during their time of volunteering

Volunteer internship and Office roles
You can gain a valuable experience when you volunteer with TSSF, it is a brilliant way to make a difference

To apply for volunteering work with TSSF, or for more information, please fill out our form below.

We Are More Powerful When We Empower Each Other

Becoming A TSSF Representatives

Share your love to someone about what you're doing in your local community and the impact you're making by delivering talks and learning activities in schools, colleges, town centres, offices and everywhere. To join please email us at: info@tssf.org.ng

The roles of our volunteers

• to assist in administrative work such as record keeping, attendance, permission slips for field trips, or donations.
• to plan special events or site visits.
• to plan and manage fundraising events.
• to advocate for program to raise awareness and forge new, purposeful collaborations.
• to develop donor materials, presentations and mailings.
• to promote events and program by posting flyers and banners in the community
• to work with instructor to develop resources or appropriate training plans
• to write press releases, offer to be interviewd by the local newspaper or radio talk show.
• to solicit donations from corporate sponsors, financial gifts, and gift-in-kind donations.
• to promote the Foundation by means of articles, photos, and other media sources
• to conduct administrative work relating to our organizational development and programming.
• to identify ways to fundraising for the programs and to link the organisation to international partners
• to participate with other organisations that serve a similar population and can offer families to our program.
• to help organise volunteer appreciation events, perhaps in conjunction with other program celebrations.


To join our Nationwide Ambassadors, please fill out our form or email us at: info@tssf.org.ng