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The Shield Safety Foundation has a mission to promote the health, safety and well-being of everyone through prevention, protection, provision, research, education service and advocacy

In pursuing its goal, the foundation serves the interest of those affected by road traffic accident, conflicts, disasters, pandemic, epidemic and those at risk of harm or harassment

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Join the community of passionate people just like you, raising awareness and Appeal Funds for The Shield Safety Foundation by becoming a First Responder Fundraiser.

If you can't feed hundred people, feed just one



Donate to TSSF and help provide relief and education to our communities.



Together, we harness our complementary strengths, resources, and networks.


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When you pray with us, God is able to change bad for good by your prayers.



Your time and skills are valuable to us.



We campaign to stand for the safety of our community.


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Motivate corporate organisations to become involved.



TSSF relies on the support of individuals and organizations.



Join the community of passionate people just like you.

  • 240 MILLION Total Population of Nigeria
  • 3.1 MILLION People internally displaced
  • 65.1 MILLION People in Urgent Need

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